Added Value Europe - Added Value Peace

International project 2013 - 2015 about the role of the European Union as a model of peace on the example of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

One of the first activities in the new structure of EUNET was to found a new working group "Bosnia" in September 2012. The aim was to show the special situation in Bosnia and  Herzegovina all citizens in the EU and to show the advantages of the EU as a model of peace to the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

After a project meeting in Dezember 2012 in Hennef, the project "Added Value Europe - Added Value Peace" was created. 

Due to a successful filled in application form, the project was approved. We are now getting financial support through the EU programme "Europe for citizens". 

Project term:
1. November 2013 till 31. January 2015

Project partners:
A - Salzburger Bildungswerk (Applicant and Projectcoordinatior)
A - Europahaus Klagenfurt
BiH - Bauern helfen Bauern - Bratunac
CZ - Evropsky dum Jihlava
F - Maison de l'Europe des Yvelines
HR - Europski Dom Slavonski Brod
NL - Learn for Life
SK - Centrum pre európsku politiku

Aim of the project:
After the fall of the "Iron Curtain" Europe changed. It led to resolutions and start-ups from various countries. A lot of these new countries are nowadays members of the European Union and part of the peace projects. Other countries strive to become members.

However, Bosnia and Herzegovina a special case. Three fractious inhabitant groups (Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs) are living more separately than together. The contract of Dayton was the end of the war and led to a fragile state-structure, a structure nobody is convinced about.

Our project has three main aims:

  1. Make participants from EU member states aware that peace in Europe is not self-evident. For all European citizens it has to be a must to secure our fundamental European values of freedom, democracy, human rights, cultural diversity, tolerance and solidarity. We want to "demonstrate" this on the example of Srebrenica, the place of the massacre of 1995.
  2. Show participants from Bosnia & Herzegovina, how the European values have influenced/are influencing life in the EU and introduce them to the EU as a possible model for peace.
  3. The participating organizations should get connected as well as the participants of all nations among themselves to sustainable development and expansion of existing and new structures.

These objects are achieved in several steps:

  1. In preparatory seminars in the EU Member States, which are dedicated to the latest developments in Europe, and introduce the participants to the situation of the state of Bosnia & Herzegovina.
  2. With a European seminar and an international conference for EU citizens and citizens of Bosnia & Herzegovina in Srebrenica.
  3. The project and its results will be disseminated e.g. through a documentary of the conference in Srebrenica.


Project Result


Europe for CitizensThe project receives financial support from the EU programme "Europe for Citizens".