Bauern helfen Bauern – Bratunac (Bosnia Herzigowina)

The Farmers Helping Farmers Association was established in 1992 as a private and
independent NGO run by appx. 40 volunteers and exclusively supported by private donations.

We carefully select all the projects we want to support and fully co-operate with all local
authorities in Croatia and Bosnia. All communal bodies, Caritas, humanitarian organisations,
EUFOR, UNHCR and OHR are fully aware of our activities.

Thanks to plenty of personal appearances of Doraja Eberle and other members of the board across Salzburg, Austria and as well other countries, Bauern Helfen Bauern could increase awareness for the suffering of the Bosnian people significantly.

The tireless efforts of FHF have built up a community of 5000 donators. Furthermore, they have recruited appx. 250 volunteers who have regularly taken part in transports and other activities.

Ten core team members are helping out on a regular basis.

Farmers Helping Farmers sees itself as a complimentary NGO, concentrating on those niches
and activities that are left out by the main humanitarian organisations.