Europski Dom Slavonski Brod (Croatia)

Europski Dom Slavonski Brod (EHSB) is a nongovernmental organization established in September 1998 to promote European and global integration processes and cultural, political and economic integration of Croatia into the European union. One of its main goal is promotion and development of understanding the importance of European interdependence and cooperation, human rights, environmental protection, natural and cultural heritage. The intention of creating a culture of understanding, tolerance and dialogue should be added as well.

EHSB achieves its goal by spreading their ideas not only directly to its members, but also indirectly to all members of the community in which it operates, through the cooperation with complementary organizations, embassies, international cultural institutions, state institutions, local and regional governments.
Activities include creating a network of young people and promoting youth participation in decision making process at all levels - local, national and European; organization of trainings, seminars, conferences and other events; creation of media products - television and radio shows, and electronic newsletters; popularization of modern methods of education and upbringing, the usage of information and communication technologies, creation of links between business and educational institutions, raising funds for investment in the areas of public interest; publishing, consulting, research and analysis.

EHSB develops and implements projects in various local, national and EU programs (Cards, Phare, IPA, Youth in Action, Europe for citizens…). Different project activities involve a larger number of volunteers. EDSB cooperates with teachers and students of primary and secondary schools and university students, young un/employed people and all others who are interested to contribute in spreading the European dimension into education of young people. By implementation of own and its partners' activities, EHSB promotes personal and social development and creates a feeling of personal responsibility for peace, human rights, environmental protection, natural and cultural heritage.