Salzburger Bildungswerk (Austria)

Salzburger Bildungswerk

Salzburger Bildungswerk (SBW) is an organization of adults‘ education. The office in the city of Salzburg works with and for 115 voluntarily working local institutes in the municipalities (119) of Salzburg Province (Bundesland Salzburg). In 2012 there were 1.188 educational activities with 71.351 participants.

Political education with the focus on European education – the name “Institut für Europa” stands for this focus – is important within the organization. Around 9,5 % of all educational activities and around 19 % of all participants can be added to this department. The Institut für Europa gives support to all local institutes and offers “own” seminars or courses (e.g. “Politik in Österreich und der EU” or “EU transparent”) and excursions to places of European interest (EU-institutions in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg). Since 2008 there has been a focus on South-East Europe and the Westbalkans too.

The Institut für Europa of Salzburger Bildungswerk is member of the Austrian Federation of Europe Houses (OeFEH) and of the European Network for Education and Training (EUNET).